Testing Plastic


Clamp stand, Boss, Clamp, 100g slotted masses, plastic to test.


1.Cut 5 strips of plastic to different widths, 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and 5 cm.

2.Cut each strip 10 cm long.

3. Attach the 1 cm strip to the clamp and hang 100g from the bottom of the strip.

4. Continue to add mass 100g at a time until the plastic breaks. Record the breaking mass.

5.Repeat this for each of the other widths.

Risk Assessment

The clamp stand could tip over and the masses could fall and cause injury. Ensure that the masses are always positioned above the base of the clamp stand, for added safety you could fix the clamp stand to the tabletop with a G clamp. Falling masses could also cause injury if they fall too far when the plastic breaks. Position the clamp so that the masses are only just above the base of  the clamp stand.

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